Fantasy Football - Go Basic or Go Home

My super6 fantasy football league is approaching its 16th season. We've had 16 teams competing before, but now we're a 14-team league. Even though the topic of operation points is bandied about at our league meetings almost every year, we stay a simple scoring league -- the lone way to go for fantasy football enthusiasts that are accurate. Now, operation point system buffs will say that there's a lot more involved, making their games more interesting and much more high-scoring. Silly, I say. You see, we consider that to really make our fantasy football league look like a lot more than just fantasy, we truly need to reflect the National Football League in as many ways as you possibly can. Thus, we've designed our rules following the NFL, and we try to score our points in exactly the same manner as the NFL. Therefore, when a wide receiver or a running back scores a touchdown, we credit that player with six points to the team in our league. When a kicker kicks a field goal, three points are allowed by us, and we give one for PATs. In addition , we give two points for a scored two-point conversion. Our largest difference is in the quarterback position. Although QBs can run for scores, earning six points, three points are awarded by us for a TD pass. This can be the greatest departure from your mom league, the NFL. This approach to scoring allows for games which have really low scores, 9-6 isn't totally unusual, but we have our fair share of high scores also. Fifty seven points was the watershed mark in our league last season -- a not totally unrealistic amount for an NFL team that is prolific. Again, we would like to be like the NFL.