Headgear – The Symbol of Prestige in Past, But a Fashion of Today

Hats found their place in this world during the ancient times and transformed to many new forms till they appeared in shapes and styles of the contemporary time. Ancient use of hat was quite usage-specific and people had a special purpose to wear a hat. Over years, profile of headwear underwent many changes until it emerged as a fashion accessory of the modern world. However, the Custom Headwear, which has ever been bound by the customs and rules framed by the peers of the religion never enjoyed the taste of novel design and styles because a headwear or headgear has always been an icon of the religion. You can recognize a Muslim by his cap and Sikh by his turban and this recognition is universal. Custom Hats was made mandatory for males. Wearing a headgear has never been a compulsion for females in the society, though most females in the modern time use headgear as a fashion accessory.
Some common types of headwear Since the first headwear was made, there has been lot of changes in the designs and styles of hats and caps. Today, you can see many new styles and designs on the fashion stores. The variety is unlimited and every day new designs are launched. Fashion industry is making lot of investment on headgear manufacturing due to exceedingly high demand and even top brands have entered this manufacturing. Some popular known names are Beanie, Ascot cap, Baseball cap, Cricket cap, Chullo, Hard hat, Panama, Santa hat, Toque, Tuque, Turban, Top hat, and many more. Headgears are for religious customs, sports, protection and fashion. Every design has a specification and the supported reason as well. The headgears not only have a diversity in styles but also in the materials from which these are made. Conclusion Headgear is a necessity in traditions and customs, but more a fashion in the modern world. The headgear once a symbol of respect in the past generation is now an icon of the personal appearance in the present generation.