Side effects of IV Therapy

IV therapy is very effective which passes the liquid solution into the body. But along with advantages intravenous also have side effects when it is used incorrectly. Even severe problems may occur rarely for some people but not always. While taking the medicine you can call the doctors. Use the mobile iv austin to call the doctor soon. They will help you in the right way. Most used iv therapy in Austin are peripheral and central line therapy and Austin hangover iv.
Few of its side effects are - • Electrolyte and fluid problem sign which includes confusion, feeling very weak, feeling tired, mood changes, very fast heartbeats, abnormal heartbeats, bad dizziness, thirst, not feeling hungry, having the problem to pass urine, upset stomach, dry eyes and mouth etc. These are the signs which can make a very serious problem in health. • If the medicine given in the high amount to the patient which is uncontrollable by catheter equipment, it can show the side effect of chest pain and pressure. • Allergic reaction sign in the skin which is like itching, redness, rashes, hives, swollen, peeling skin, tightness in the throat and chest, wheezing, having problem to take a breath, mouth swelling, like face, eyes, tongue, lips, etc.
• It also has the sign of the color change of skin, pain in the leg and arms, swelling in the body parts, warmth and numbness. • Sometimes patients can feel fever and it also can be the sign of the side effect. Also can feel irritation at the shot given place. • It also can have the side effect which is sudden weight gain problem, swelling in the few parts of the body like legs and arms, breathing problem. And also it can pain. These are the side effects which can create the issues in the person health who takes the therapy. So it is very important to follow the doctor's suggestions.