Story of Paul Teutul Sr.’s Misfortune That Followed His Tremendous Success

Paul John Teutul, a famous Motorcycle Designer and Builder, born on May 1, 1949 in Yonkers, New York, United States, was named Paul Teutul Sr. He earned his name as renowned motorcycle manufacturer, owner of the Orange County Choppers, and reality star in the TV series “American Chopper.
Paul Teutul Sr.’s career He wasn’t in US military but sailed in the war zone during the Vietnam War in 1970s as a member of the US Merchant Marine but there is no record how long he worked there. He began his career as an owner of a fabrication shop which is owned and managed by his son Daniel. Later, he started building custom bikes which gave him fun and satisfaction. His love for bikes inspired him to create Orange County Choppers, by teaming up with his older son Paul Jr., which was founded in 1999. Both of them achieved tremendous success in this business for three years when he was offered a role in the Discovery Channel’s show “American Chopper: The Series”, that was to be aired in 2002.This series was compatible to his daily operations and he accepted the offer. American Chopper followed from 2003 to 2010 and this resulted rift between father and son. The series lasted between 2007 and 2010 but Paul Teutul Jr. disassociated him from the series and business.
Paul’s fortune and misfortune Paul Teutul Sr. became rich with his ventures and enjoyed luxurious life till the series continued to be aired. The end of series was beginning of Paul’s financial distress. His wealth was estimated to be $1.8 million but his debt was more than $1 million. However, he was in possession of collection of classy cars and bikes but he was compelled to file for bankruptcy in 2018. Where is Paul now? Paul Teutul Sr. married twice and lead a happy family with benefits of richness but disappeared from the scene all of a sudden. No one has a clue whether he is dead or alive at present.