Side effects of IV Therapy

IV therapy is very effective which passes the liquid solution into the body. But along with advantages intravenous also have side effects when it is used incorrectly. Even severe problems may occur rarely for some people but not always. While taking the medicine you can call the doctors. Use the mobile iv austin to call the doctor soon. They will help you in the right way. Most used iv therapy in Austin are peripheral and central line therapy and Austin hangover iv. Few of its side effects are - • Electrolyte and fluid problem sign which includes confusion, feeling very weak, feeling tired,... Read more


The race that we live in today

We are all rats All the world’s a race and we are all rats; a twist to the old Shakespearean classic that holds as much of truth as the original one. The world and mankind has evolved to an incredible degree and is now indistinguishable from the cavemen that we started off as. We have forsaken the jungles and our natural habitats and have migrated to live in huge concrete jungles with tall buildings touching the sky. One argues the pros and the cons of all this development; while some marvel at the advancement of human technology and how far we have come as a species, there are others who put... Read more

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