Tips to embrace while using screener to scan stocks

Are you a technical trader? Then, you need to use the best stock screener. This will filter out the best stocks that help you reap huge profits. There are many people who are selling this screener at a very competitive price. However, you need to compare the features of two to three best screeners side by side and pick the best one that suits your requirement and budget. Using this screen, you can narrow down the stocks that are available in the treasure trove of stock database. This filters out the stocks that meet your criteria. The stocks that do not meet the technical and fundamental criteria will be totally narrowed down from the results. There are different set of the tools offered to filter out the stocks.
Here are a few tips that one has to embrace to use stock screener Easy to use screens: You need to explore the trail version of this screener to ensure that it is as per your requirement and needs. More importantly, these screens can be customized as per your required criteria and investment needs. It is a piece of cake for the traders to access this stock scanner. Check the rating: When you are buying a stock in the company, you would need to pay the right price. You need to analyze the stocks and invest in the one that helps you earn high returns on investment. You should not invest in the stocks that will not reap you any returns after a certain time period. You can see the ratings given to the companies and based on that you can filter out the stocks. There are a few screeners from which you can narrow down the stocks which are having 4 to 5 star rating. Check the economic moat: There is an economic moat rating that gives you the competition that the stocks of the firm has. You can narrow down the choices of the companies by picking the ones having narrow and wide economic moat.