Tumblr downloader to download videos and audios

tumblr downloader is to download videos from the set. It can also download music from mp3. Copy the URL and paste it into the link box. And then download the song. Tumblr videos can be downloaded by the downloader.
Tumblr downloader and its founder • David Karp is the founder of this micro blogging site. Karp first was interested in small blogs, later on,Tumblr was launched during 2007 February. • A famous company tied up with Tumblr for advertisements and publicity. Yahoo in 2013 acquired Tumblr; the agreement is based on huge amount of dollars. • Tumblr downloaderis used to download audio, video of all kinds so that you can watch it offline. • Firstly, copy the link paste it in the box and click download, it will be downloaded. • Some tricks are there to download videos fromTumblr, where you have to find out the page to find out the link. • Which is to be clicked or copied to download the all browsers inspect source doesn’t work.
Features of management of blogs • Queue the post can be delayed by the users to set up a schedule to post. The post can be spread several hours and several days also. • Tags are the process by which you can tag people you want to share the post with. If some videos or audios are shared, and you want it to share with others, you can tag them. • Then dashboard is the place where the posts are live, and people can reblog and comment on your blog. • There is a button on the right side of the dashboard, by clicking that you can upload audio, video, and blogs. • HTML editing is the type of editing is usually done. A custom domain is available. Tumblr downloader is needed to download any audio video and pictures.