What are the benefits of social wifi

Most restaurants these days have some kind of internet facility. Usually what we find at a restaurant is mostly a tool which connects us to the internet. You walk in, you eat, you use the internet and there is no trace left behind. This is where Social wifi is different. It gives your customers a way to connect to your wifi via their social media networks. You might wonder how that might help you. Well, here we have given you some advantages of using this method –
Customer feedback – Any good restaurant runs well only if the service and the food is good. Both these systems need to be regularly updated and monitored too. If your restaurant uses social wifi, every time a customer logs into the network; he/she would get an email after they leave asking about what they thought about the restaurant. The customer can rate their visit and also write any additional comments. This can be seen only by the restaurant owner or manager who has administration access. This is a great way to get customer feedback and gives you ways to improve yourself. Have a look at Wifi voor klanten for further details.
Marketing – There must be several restaurants, bars or cafes in your city. So how do you set yourself apart? Once you gather customer data; social wifi also lets you use emailing as a way of a marketing campaign. This way, you can also let your customers know about any special events or offers in your venue. Loyalty – Wifi is a very effective tool for building loyalty as well. You can start schemes with loyalty points which would pull in more customers and make them loyal to you. Try checking out wifi voor gasten if you think you are interested. Remarketing also works quite similarly.